Merry Christmas!!

Would there be a better day to star the very first post for the blog that is dedicated to my daughter.  With the aroma of cakes, the winter chill, the foggy mornings, the lazy days and the sweetness of Christmas carols in air sets the perfect ambiance to put thoughts and experiences to paper.

As shimages (1)e learns to say “Ho Ho Ho I am Santa Claus” I go deep down the memory lane, when we had no internet. Can you imagine ” No Internet” but still our cute little fat old man Santa Claus  with his white beard and red suit came every Christmas in his sleigh presenting kids with gifts. I think he has been the most loved man over decades. With those moments changing to years and now years to decades this little old fellow still comes every year following his ritual. He has not changed a bit, no marks of ageing and still the same cottony white beard flowing in air :). The world has changed but I am amazed to see him in same avatar every year.

As the little eyes gaze at the Christmas tree, she gets excited and says look mummy “Santa Claus”.. ” oh voww.. tinkle tinkle “. I look at the sparkle in her eyes and only wish the  twinkling little star which guided the travelers may guide her all her life and she gets the best gift from Santa. This innocence remains with her and the changing times do not fade away the charm.

Merry Christmas sweetheart.

Lots of love

papa & mumma